Handbook of Culture and Glocalization

Τίτλος: Handbook of Culture and Glocalization
Cheltenham, United Kingdom: Edward Elgar, 2022, 448 pp (inclusive of index)
ISBN: 9781839109003

Brief description

With contributions from 30+ top scholars in the field, this cutting-edge collection critically examines the effects of glocalization on various disciplines & subfields in the humanities and social sciences. This collection has a strong international flavor, with authors coming from 20 countries. Broad in scope and innovative, it provides a fresh take on the different forms of the glocal in contemporary culture. Using engaging case studies, humanities scholars examine how glocalization has impacted archaeology, art, literature, philosophy, law and food; social science experts discuss the impact on tourism, religion, urban studies, criminology, education and sports. Forward-thinking, the volume engages with new developments in media and communication, considering how information-communication technologies (ICTs), digitisation and the mediatised world affect interrelations in consumer culture. The volume concludes with an examination of new research frontiers, considering translocality, world science theory, and post-colonialism to expand the field by developing original approaches and suggesting new directions for research. Featuring practical insights from a wide range of disciplines, this edited volume is invaluable for students and scholars across the humanities and social sciences. It should further benefit policy makers within cultural domains concerned with glocalization.

Prepublication Endorsements

"This Handbook is a comprehensive guide to glocalization, in themes (archeology to digital turn), regions (across the world) and theoretically, a valuable resource."
- Jan Nederveen Pieterse, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

"The Handbook of Culture and Glocalization is a must-read for those interested in the phenomenon of glocalization and cultural adaptation. At the macro level, the volume is important to understand the role of technologies, news production, translocality, and citizenship in modern society. At the micro level, readers will appreciate the significance and meaningfulness of phenomena such as glocal sports, cinema, literature, and art. Taken as a whole, the Handbook is breaking so much new ground that it will become indispensable for both academics and practitioners alike."
- Jonathan Matusitz, University of Central Florida, USA

"This massive and erudite collection is the first systematic attempt to situate crucial glocalization dynamics within a broader cultural context ranging from media and communication to law, education, sports, and much more. Cutting across academic disciplines and geographic regions, the contributors engage the central cultural themes of our unsettled age in an intellectual tour de force that should not be missed by any serious student of globalization."
- Manfred B. Steger, University of Hawaii - Manoa, USA and Western Sydney University, Australia

Table of Contents

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