Eastern Orthodoxy in a Global Age

Full title: Eastern Orthodoxy in a Global Age: Tradition Faces the 21st Century, co-edited with Alexander Agadjanian & Jerry Pankhurst (Walnut Creek, Ca: Alta Mira Press, 2005).

Brief description

The goal of this volume is to place Eastern Orthodoxy within a new global context. While more-covered religions emerge as powerful transnational forces, Eastern Orthodoxy is often depicted as local, linked to the ethnicity and land of the now marginalized Eastern Europe. With its focus upon the maintenance of ecclesiastical tradition and correct liturgical practice, Eastern Orthodoxy has occasionally been seen to conflict with post-1989 neo-liberal developmental strategies that prioritize individual rights, privacy, democratization, and unimpeded transnational market development. Yet, as this volume shows, Orthodox Churches have in the past decade felt compelled to respond-positively, negatively, or otherwise-to these new challenges by promulgating new statements on social doctrines, ecumenism, civil society, and Church-State relations. The result is a refashioning of Eastern Orthodoxy that is both the product of and in tension with globalization processes. The picture that emerges is less of a people stubbornly refusing modernization, more of a people seeking to maintain a stable Orthodox identity in an unstable world.

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