Special Issue of Social Compass [2009]

Full title: Roudometof, Victor (Guest Editor) Negotiating Church - State Relations in Cyprus/Evolution des relations entre Eglise et Etat a Chypre, Special Issue of Social Compass [2009] Vol. 53 (1), pp. 5-83.

Brief description

This special issue of the journal represents the first time ever that the study of religion in Cyprus has been featured in a major international publication. The special issue consists of an introduction to the problematic of Church - State relations followed by individual articles that address all the religious communities of the island (Orthodox, Muslim, Maronite, Armenian, and Catholic). The articles cover a variety of topics. These range from the adjustment of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus to the post-1878 reality of British colonialism to comparative statistical analyses of religious attitudes among Greek and Turkish Cypriots (based on data from the World Values Survey) to the significance of religion for Turkish Cypriots and to the extent to which the island's smaller religious groups have been able to operate in an environment of religious pluralism.

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