Institutional & Administrative Contributions

While the overview offered in the description of the different scholarship clusters is mainly about academic writing pursued on my own or with colleagues and collaborators, it is necessary to include an overview of institutional and administrative work. Over the years, I have served in a variety of academic positions:

  • Reviewer for major international publishers.
  • Referee for more than 50 academic journals.
  • Editor or co-editor for edited issues of scholarly journals or edited volumes.
  • International advisory board member and/or associate editor for several high profile international journals (such as the Journal of Political and Military Sociology, Nations and Nationalism, European Journal of Social Theory & Religions).
  • Organizer for panels in major international conferences and congresses.
  • Referee for various international funding agencies and organizations in the Middle East, Georgia, Greece, the Netherlands and the US.
  • Cyprus Program Director for the European Values Study and the principal investigator of the Cyprus' portion of the 2008 wave.
  • Cyprus' correspondent for Eurel - sociological and legal data on religion in Europe.

In terms of administration and service within the profession, I have served as long-time international advisor to the UK's Global Studies Association; elected twice as board member in the European Sociological Association's Research Committee on Global, Transnational and Cosmopolitan Sociology (2015-2017, 2017-2019); and also served as board member in research committees and thematic groups within the International Sociological Association (Sociology of Local-Global Relations, 1998-2002; Comparative and Historical Sociology, 2006-2010 and Sociology of Development, 2018-2022). I have also been the recipient of grants and invitations to participate in conferences and collaborative projects, such as the Trauma Project of Yale University's Center for Cultural Sociology (2008-2010) & Pew Center's survey on religion in Eastern Europe (2015-2016). Additionally, the 2008 Cyprus wave of the European Values Study was sponsored by Tilburg University's EVS Foundation.

At the University of Cyprus, I have served twice as board member of the Council of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Education (2008-2010, 2012-2014); as a member in Senate Committees; as Chair in the Department of Social and Political Sciences and in several other posts. I have participated in hiring and/or promotion committees both in my university and elsewhere, while I co-authored the 2006 report on the future development of the Department of Social and Political Sciences. In 2006, I contributed heavily to the creation of the Sociology major in the Department, mostly through the development of nearly 15 new undergraduate courses.

Lastly, as a public commentator, I have authored op-ed pieces in Greek newspapers. I have been referenced or interviewed in several news reports, radio shows and journalist stories with the Serbian National Corporation, the New York Times and BBC. The full list of these activities is also available elsewhere in this website.

Following my father's passing, in 2018 I became Director of the Historical and Literary Archives of Kavala (HILAK). In that capacity, my principal responsibility is to provide leadership for the development of the financial resources necessary for HILAK's operation.